Two thousand years ago the Great Sages made an astounding  observation: Animals tend to be built (structurally) facing the ground. Angels, in contrast, are described as facing upward, toward the heavens. Humans are the anomaly for they face neither downward toward the ground (like animals), nor upward toward the heavens (like angels), but only neutral - straight ahead. Why? Explain the Sages: because the human possesses choice; the choice to be as low as the animal or as high as the angel! Lesson? Life is about choices but from a Torah (Biblical) point of view there is really only one: Animal or angel? Which will we become? Will we elevate our physical consciousness  and choose a more spiritually refined  “angelic” existence, or, will we succumb to the conditioned “animal” within - our first unrectified nature? In the language of the Torah, “I have set before you (two paths), life and death, curses and blessings, choose life” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

Choose “life,” i.e. your higher angelic self!