The vision of Rabbi Gaines is for people, laymen and scholar alike, who question their belief, feel disconnected, lost, and desire the ability to achieve Godliness in their lives.
The Rabbi’s vision is to help each and every individual to rediscover their spiritual roots and experience a profound cognitive, emotional, and physical knowledge of God.

This is achieved by learning and mastering 5 specific keys:

  • Delving into the deepest mysteries of the Torah
  • Accessing the powers of your Soul
  • Acquiring the knowledge of existence (What God truly wants from you?)
  • Torah rituals to transform the exiled “Heart of Stone” (lacking in Godly feeling) to a redeemed “Heart of Fire” (intense feelings of Godly consciousness)
  • Importance of the land of Israel in your life  

Rabbi Brandon Gaines has mastered the Teachings of the Masters, Classically Ordained Rabbi, Author, Lecturer, and Speaker, who has spent over 30 years with his vast Torah knowledge astounding audiences, and individuals alike. The Rabbi welcomes all people world-wide who are on the journey for their Personal Connection to the Divine, but who feel lost and frustrated; unable to reach their Spiritual Destination.

Join us today and begin your Personal Intimate Journey to Knowing God.