Yom Kippur (“Day of atonement”) is fast approaching, and with all its legalistic and procedural complexity aside, there is one simple and beautiful truth we can all appreciate, it wipes the slate clean (negates the taint of sin). But why? Why does Yom Kippur possess such power? Explains the Ari’zl, the revelation of Yom Kippur derives from Keter (“Crown”) above Chochmah (“Wisdom”). Explains Kabbalah, whereas Chochmah is the source of creation (the first word of the Torah, “Berashit”, Hebrew for, “In the beginning,” is translated in Aramaic to mean, “In wisdom,”) Keter is synonymous with the very essence of the soul - our essential being above any and all limitations. Hence, when Yom Kippur arrives, we each tap into “Keter,” that essential part of ourselves that transcends “Chochmah,” creation’s limitations - the origin of “sin” as explained by the Sages. This, in fact, is the deeper meaning of God’s words to Cain (following the murder of his brother Abel), “Sin crouches at the door,” i.e. the possibility of sin exists only at the level called “door,” the gateway into this world. When we the soul enters a body (becomes part of finite creation), it is thrust into a dualistic scheme of good and evil that necessitates the careful discrimination between Godly consciousness and its antithesis. This is hinted to in King Solomon’s immortal words, “God made One thing opposite the other” (Ecclesiastes 7:14). Here, “God,” appears as “Elokim” (in the original Hebrew) whose meaning is “Master of all powers,” i.e. the  source of creation. Simply stated, there is “one thing opposite the other” (good and evil) only, at the level of creation - synonymous with “wisdom” as explained above. Now since Yom Kippur derives from Keter (Crown) above Chochmah (Wisdom),  we can say that for 24 sacred hours, we experience a dimension of Godliness (within ourselves) that transcends all worldly limitations - the progenitor of sin as explained above. In short, “Yom Kippur” is the great and awesome day we experience our truest and most Godly self. Such an experience wipes away the taint of sin, for our true Godly self has no shadow, no antithesis. Such a consciousness opens channels that allows for a truly abundant, healthy, and prosperous year. 

A good and sweet year to all and may you and yours be inscribed in the book of life.